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There are 20 four-letter words containing A, N and P

KNAP-knap v. (transitive) To shape a vitreous mineral (flint, obsidian, chert etc.) by breaking away flakes, often.
knap v. (transitive) To rap or strike sharply.
knap v. (obsolete, Britain, dialect) To bite; to bite off; to break short.
NAPA-napa n. Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis, a kind of Chinese cabbage.
Napa p.n. A city that is the county seat of Napa County, California, United States.
Napa p.n. A river in the US state of California.
NAPE-nape n. The back part of the neck.
nape n. The part of a fish immediately behind the head.
nape n. (obsolete) A tablecloth.
NAPS-naps n. plural of nap.
naps n. (slang) kinky or curly hair.
naps v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of nap.
NEAP-neap n. The tongue or pole of a cart or other vehicle drawn by two animals.
neap adj. (of a tide) Low; lowest; the ebb or lowest point of a tide.
neap adj. Designating a tide which occurs just after the first and third quarters of the moon, when there is least.
NIPA-nipa n. A palm tree of the species Nypa fruticans.
nipa n. A liquor made from the sap of nipa palms.
nipa n. The leaves of the nipa palm, when used as a material for thatching, basketry or other uses.
PAIN-pain n. (countable and uncountable) An ache or bodily suffering, or an instance of this; an unpleasant sensation.
pain n. (uncountable) The condition or fact of suffering or anguish especially mental, as opposed to pleasure;.
pain n. (countable) An annoying person or thing.
PAND-Sorry, definition not available.
PANE-pane n. An individual sheet of glass in a window.
pane n. (computing, graphical user interface) A layer in the build-up of a GUI.
pane n. Alternative spelling of peen.
PANG-pang n. (often pluralized) paroxysm of extreme physical pain or anguish; sudden and transitory agony; throe.
pang n. (often pluralized) A sharp, sudden feeling of a mental or emotional nature, as of joy or sorrow.
pang v. (transitive) to torment; to torture; to cause to have great pain or suffering.
PANS-pans n. plural of pan.
pans v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of pan.
PANs n. plural of PAN.
PANT-pant n. A quick breathing; a catching of the breath; a gasp.
pant n. (obsolete) A violent palpitation of the heart.
pant v. (transitive, intransitive) To breathe quickly or in a labored manner, as after exertion or from eagerness.
PAWN-pawn n. (chess) The most common chess piece, or a similar piece in a similar game. In chess each side has eight;.
pawn n. (colloquial) Someone who is being manipulated or used to some end, usually not the end that individual.
pawn n. The state of being held as security for a loan, or as a pledge.
PEAN-pean n. (heraldry) A heraldic fur of yellow spots on a black field.
pean n. Alternative spelling of paean.
pean n. Alternative spelling of peen.
PIAN-pian n. (medicine) yaws.
PINA-pina n. Alternative form of piña.
piña n. cloth woven from pineapple fiber.
piña n. (metalworking) A cone of silver amalgam prepared for retorting.
PLAN-plan n. A drawing showing technical details of a building, machine, etc., with unwanted details omitted, and often.
plan n. A set of intended actions, usually mutually related, through which one expects to achieve a goal.
plan n. A two-dimensional drawing of a building as seen from above with obscuring or irrelevant details such as.
PUNA-puna n. An alpine biological community in the central portion of the Andes in which short, coarse grass supports.
Puna p.n. Alternative form of puna.
Puna p.n. A district in the east-southeast portion of the Island of Hawai.
SNAP-snap n. A quick breaking or cracking sound or the action of producing such a sound.
snap n. A sudden break.
snap n. An attempt to seize, bite, attack, or grab.
SPAN-span n. The space from the thumb to the end of the little finger when extended; nine inches; eighth of a fathom.
span n. Hence, a small space or a brief portion of time.
span n. The spread or extent of an arch or between its abutments, or of a beam, girder, truss, roof, bridge, or.

* Definitions are short excerpt from the Wiktionary.

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