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There are 20 words containing 2B, C and J

JABBERWOCKJabberwock prop.n. A fantastical dreaded monster with flaming eyes.
JABBERWOCK n. nonsense, gibberish, also JABBERWOCKY.
JABBERWOCKIESjabberwockies n. Plural of jabberwocky.
JABBERWOCKY n. nonsense, gibberish, also JABBERWOCK.
JABBERWOCKYjabberwocky n. Invented or meaningless language; nonsense.
jabberwocky adj. Meaningless, worthless.
jabberwocky adj. Absurd, nonsense, nonsensical.
JABOTICABAjaboticaba n. The evergreen Brazilian grape tree, Myrciaria cauliflora, a fruit-bearing tree native to Argentina…
jaboticaba n. Its fruit, purplish-black with a white pulp, which can be eaten raw or used in jellies and drinks.
JABOTICABA n. (Tupi) a Brazilian tree of the myrtle family.
JABOTICABASjaboticabas n. Plural of jaboticaba.
JABOTICABA n. (Tupi) a Brazilian tree of the myrtle family.
JACKRABBITjackrabbit n. Any of several large North American hares of the genus Lepus.
jackrabbit v. (US) To make a sudden, rapid movement.
jack-rabbit n. Alternative spelling of jackrabbit.
JACKRABBITSjackrabbits n. Plural of jackrabbit.
jack-rabbits n. Plural of jack-rabbit (alternative form of jackrabbits).
JACKRABBIT n. a long-eared American hare.
OBJECTIONABLEobjectionable adj. Arousing disapproval; worthy of objection; offensive.
OBJECTIONABLE adj. undesirable, offensive.
OBJECTIONABLYobjectionably adv. In an objectionable manner.
OBJECTIONABLE adv. undesirable, offensive.
STOCKJOBBERstockjobber n. (Chiefly Britain, trading) A stock exchange worker who deals only with brokers.
stockjobber n. (Britain, derogatory, trading) An unscrupulous stockbroker.
stock-jobber n. Alternative form of stockjobber.
STOCKJOBBERIESSTOCKJOBBERY n. the profession of stockjobber.
STOCKJOBBERSstockjobbers n. Plural of stockjobber.
stock-jobbers n. Plural of stock-jobber.
STOCKJOBBER n. a wholesale dealer in stocks and shares.
STOCKJOBBERYSTOCKJOBBERY n. the profession of stockjobber.
STOCKJOBBINGstockjobbing n. (Trading, dated) Making markets in equity securities; dealing in stocks and shares.
STOCKJOBBING n. a list of stocks and current prices regularly issued.
STOCKJOBBINGSstockjobbings n. Plural of stockjobbing.
STOCKJOBBING n. a list of stocks and current prices regularly issued.
SUBJECTABILITYsubjectability n. The quality of being subjectable.
SUBJECTABILITY n. the quality of being subjectable.
SUBJECTABLEsubjectable adj. Capable of being subjected (to something).
SUBJECTABLE adj. capable of being subjected.
UNOBJECTIONABLEunobjectionable adj. Not objectionable; not causing any objection.
UNOBJECTIONABLE adj. not objectionable.
UNOBJECTIONABLYunobjectionably adv. In a way that is not objectionable.
UNOBJECTIONABLE adv. not objectionable.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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