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There are 20 words containing B, J, O and Y

CONJECTURABLYconjecturably adv. In a conjecturable manner.
CONJECTURABLE adv. susceptible to conjecture.
ENJOYABLEenjoyable adj. Pleasant, capable of giving pleasure.
ENJOYABLE adj. that can be enjoyed.
ENJOYABLENESSenjoyableness n. The quality or state of being enjoyable.
ENJOYABLE n. that can be enjoyed.
ENJOYABLYenjoyably adv. In an enjoyable manner.
ENJOYABLE adv. that can be enjoyed.
FRABJOUSLYfrabjously adv. In a frabjous manner; wonderfully, fabulously.
FRABJOUS adv. splendid, magnificent.
JABBERWOCKYjabberwocky n. Invented or meaningless language; nonsense.
jabberwocky adj. Meaningless, worthless.
jabberwocky adj. Absurd, nonsense, nonsensical.
JOBBERYjobbery n. The improper or corrupt act or conduct of public or official business for the sake of private gain.
JOBBERY n. the conduct of public business for private gain.
JOLLYBOATjollyboat n. Alternative form of jolly boat.
jolly␣boat n. A type of ship’s boat of the 17th to 19th centuries, used mainly to ferry personnel to and from the ship.
JOLLYBOAT n. a small boat kept hoisted at a ship's stern.
JOLLYBOATSjollyboats n. Plural of jollyboat.
jolly␣boats n. Plural of jolly boat.
JOLLYBOAT n. a small boat kept hoisted at a ship's stern.
NONOBJECTIVITYnonobjectivity n. Lack of objectivity.
NONOBJECTIVITY n. the state of being nonobjective.
OBJECTIFYobjectify v. To make (something, such as an abstract idea) possible to be perceived by the senses.
objectify v. To treat (something) as objectively real.
objectify v. To treat (someone) as a mere object, denying (their) dignity.
OBJECTIFYINGobjectifying v. Present participle of objectify.
OBJECTIFY v. to make objective.
OBJECTIONABLYobjectionably adv. In an objectionable manner.
OBJECTIONABLE adv. undesirable, offensive.
OBJECTIVELYobjectively adv. In an impartial, objective manner.
objectively adv. (Informal) Without question, without a doubt, definitely, indisputably, not meriting discussion or argument.
OBJECTIVE adv. relating to or constituting an object.
OBJECTIVITYobjectivity n. The state of being objective, just, unbiased and not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices.
objectivity n. The world as it really is; reality.
OBJECTIVITY n. the state of being objective.
OBJURGATORYobjurgatory adj. Strongly rebuking or scolding.
OBJURGATORY adj. chiding, scolding, also OBJURGATIVE.
STOCKJOBBERYSTOCKJOBBERY n. the profession of stockjobber.
UNENJOYABLEunenjoyable adj. Not enjoyable.
UNENJOYABLE adj. not enjoyable.
UNOBJECTIONABLYunobjectionably adv. In a way that is not objectionable.
UNOBJECTIONABLE adv. not objectionable.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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