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There are 15 words containing D, G, J and Y

DEEJAYINGdeejaying v. Present participle of deejay.
DEEJAYING n. the act of compering as a disc jockey.
DEEJAYINGSDEEJAYING n. the act of compering as a disc jockey.
JAGGEDLYjaggedly adv. In a jagged manner.
JAGGED adv. rough-edged.
JELLYGRAPHEDjellygraphed v. Simple past tense and past participle of jellygraph.
JELLYGRAPH v. to copy by jellygraph, an old device for copying that used a plate of jelly.
JEOPARDYINGjeopardying v. Present participle of jeopardy.
JEOPARDY v. to put into jeopardy.
JERRYMANDERINGjerrymandering v. Present participle of jerrymander.
JERRYMANDER v. to rearrange (voting districts) in the interests of a particular party or candidate, also GERRYMANDER.
JOYRIDINGjoyriding v. Present participle of joyride.
joyriding n. An instance of somebody taking a joyride.
joy␣riding v. Present participle of joy ride (Unlawfully or recklessly driving an automobile.).
JOYRIDINGSjoyridings n. Plural of joyriding.
JOYRIDING n. the act of taking a car without the owner's permission.
JUDGEMENTALLYjudgementally adv. Alternative form of judgmentally.
JUDGEMENTAL adv. giving to making judgements, also JUDGMENTAL.
JUDGEYjudgey adj. Alternative spelling of judgy.
JUDGEY adj. tending to judge others, also JUDGY.
JUDGINGLYjudgingly adv. So as to judge or evaluate.
JUDGMATICALLYjudgmatically adv. (Colloquial, chiefly US) In a judgmatical way; like a judge, judiciously, with good judgment.
JUDGMATICAL adv. given to judgment, also JUDGMATIC.
JUDGMENTALLYjudgmentally adv. In a judgmental manner.
JUDGMENTAL adv. given to making judgements, also JUDGEMENTAL.
JUDGYjudgy adj. (Informal) Inclined to make judgments; judgmental.
JUDGY adj. tending to judge others, also JUDGEY.
NONJUDGMENTALLYnonjudgmentally adv. In a nonjudgmental manner; without evaluation; acceptingly.
non-judgmentally adv. Alternative form of nonjudgmentally.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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