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There are 19 words containing D, 2U and X

FAUXBOURDONFAUXBOURDON n. (French) a type of improvised polyphony, popular in England from the 15th century to the Reformation, also FABURDEN.
FAUXBOURDONSFAUXBOURDON n. (French) a type of improvised polyphony, popular in England from the 15th century to the Reformation, also FABURDEN.
LUXURIATEDluxuriated v. Simple past tense and past participle of luxuriate.
LUXURIATE v. to be luxuriant, grow profusely.
QUADRUPLEXquadruplex adj. Having four components.
quadruplex adj. Of or relating to a system in telegraphy by which four messages (two in each direction) can be sent…
quadruplex adj. Of or relating to an early videotape format with four magnetic record/reproduce heads mounted on a headwheel…
QUADRUPLEXEDquadruplexed adj. Having a quadruplex arrangement.
QUADRUPLEX v. to make quadruplex.
QUADRUPLEXESquadruplexes n. Plural of quadruplex.
QUADRUPLEX v. to make quadruplex.
QUADRUPLEXINGquadruplexing n. The transmission of four separate messages on a single cable.
QUADRUPLEX v. to make quadruplex.
SUBLUXATEDsubluxated adj. Partially dislocated.
SUBLUXATE v. to partially dislocate.
SUPERDELUXEsuperdeluxe adj. Very fine in quality; luxurious.
SUPERDELUXE adj. extra luxurious.
UNDEREXPOSUREunderexposure n. The condition of being underexposed.
underexposure n. An insufficient, or less than usual, exposure.
UNDEREXPOSURE n. insufficient exposure.
UNDEREXPOSURESunderexposures n. Plural of underexposure.
UNDEREXPOSURE n. insufficient exposure.
UNEXCLUDEDunexcluded adj. Not excluded.
UNEXCLUDED adj. not excluded.
UNEXCUSEDunexcused adj. That has not been excused.
UNEXCUSED adj. not excused.
UNEXECUTEDunexecuted adj. Not executed; not performed or carried out.
UNEXECUTED adj. not executed.
UNEXHAUSTEDunexhausted adj. Not exhausted.
UNEXHAUSTED adj. not exhausted, also INEXHAUSTED.
UNEXPURGATEDunexpurgated adj. Not expurgated, not having had anything objectionable removed.
UNEXPURGATED adj. not expurgated.
UNEXTENUATEDunextenuated adj. Not extenuated.
UNEXTENUATED adj. not extenuated.
UNEXTINGUISHEDunextinguished adj. Not extinguished.
UNEXTINGUISHED adj. not extinguished.
VAUDOUXvaudoux n. Obsolete form of voodoo.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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