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There are 20 words containing E, V and 2Y

ENVYINGLYenvyingly adv. In an envying manner.
ENVYING adv. in a state of envy.
EVERYBODYeverybody pron. All people.
every␣body pron. Obsolete spelling of everybody.
EVERYBODY pron. every person.
EVERYDAYeveryday adj. Appropriate for ordinary use, rather than for special occasions.
everyday adj. Commonplace, ordinary.
everyday adv. Misspelling of every day. (Compare everywhere, everyway, etc.).
EVERYDAYNESSeverydayness n. (Uncountable) The quality or state of happening every day, or frequently.
everydayness n. (Countable) The product or result of happening every day, or frequently.
EVERYDAYNESS n. the state of being everyday.
EVERYDAYNESSESeverydaynesses n. Plural of everydayness.
EVERYDAYNESS n. the state of being everyday.
EVERYDAYSEVERYDAY n. something appropriate for weekdays rather than Sunday.
EVERYWAYeveryway adv. (Dated) In every way, however possible.
everyway adv. (Dated) In every direction.
EVERYWAY adv. all ways.
HEAVYHEARTEDLYheavyheartedly adv. Alternative form of heavy-heartedly.
heavy-heartedly adv. In a heavy-hearted manner; sadly, morosely.
HEAVYHEARTED adv. despondent, saddened.
HYPERACTIVITYhyperactivity n. The quality of being hyperactive; excessive and pathological movement and restlessness.
HYPERACTIVITY n. the state of being excessively or pathologically active.
HYPERREACTIVITYhyperreactivity n. (Uncountable) The condition of being hyperreactive.
hyperreactivity n. (Countable) An allergic response to a very low dose of irritant.
HYPERREACTIVITY n. the state of being hyperreactive.
HYPERVELOCITYhypervelocity adj. Having, or occurring at, extreme velocity.
hypervelocity n. A very high velocity.
hypervelocity n. A hypersonic velocity.
HYPERVISCOSITYhyperviscosity n. Increased viscosity, especially of the blood.
HYPERVISCOSITY n. extreme viscosity.
POLYVALENCYpolyvalency n. Polyvalence.
POLYVALENCY n. the state of being polyvalent.
POLYVINYLIDENEpolyvinylidene n. (Chemistry) Any polymer derived from monomers of general formula CH2=CX2 where X is typically a halogen.
polyvinylidene n. A polyvinylidene resin.
POLYVINYLIDENE n. any polymer derived from halogen monomers.
POLYVINYLIDENESpolyvinylidenes n. Plural of polyvinylidene.
POLYVINYLIDENE n. any polymer derived from halogen monomers.
VARENYKYvarenyky n. Boiled dumplings stuffed with potato, cheese, or other filling; a serving of these; plural of varenyk.
VARENYKY n. (Russian) Ukrainian stuffed dumplings.
VICEROYALTYviceroyalty n. The office or term of service of a viceroy; viceroydom.
viceroyalty n. The place governed by a viceroy.
VICEROYALTY n. the office of viceroy, also VICEROYSHIP.
VINYLCYANIDEvinyl␣cyanide n. (Organic chemistry) The compound acrylonitrile.
VINYLCYANIDE n. another name for acrylonitrile, a compound used in making synthetic fibres.
VINYLCYANIDESVINYLCYANIDE n. another name for acrylonitrile, a compound used in making synthetic fibres.
VOYEURISTICALLYvoyeuristically adv. In a voyeuristic way.
VOYEURISTIC adv. like a voyeur.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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