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There are 16 words containing E, G, P, W and Y

GUNPOWDERYgunpowdery adj. Resembling or characteristic of gunpowder.
GUNPOWDERY adj. like gunpowder.
MUGWUMPERYmugwumpery n. (US politics, slang) The acts and views of the mugwumps.
MUGWUMPERY n. the acts and views of a mugwump, a bolter from the Republican party in 1884; a political independent.
OVERPOWERINGLYoverpoweringly adv. In an overpowering manner.
OVERPOWERING adv. OVERPOWER, to overcome or reduce to helplessness.
PASSAGEWAYpassageway n. A covered walkway, between rooms or buildings.
passageway n. Any way for passing in, out or through something.
PASSAGEWAY n. a way that allows passage.
PASSAGEWAYSpassageways n. Plural of passageway.
PASSAGEWAY n. a way that allows passage.
PENNYWEIGHTpennyweight n. A unit of mass equal to 24 grains, or 120 of a troy ounce.
PENNYWEIGHT n. an old unit of weight, the twentieth part of an ounce.
PENNYWEIGHTSpennyweights n. Plural of pennyweight.
PENNYWEIGHT n. an old unit of weight, the twentieth part of an ounce.
SUPERHIGHWAYsuperhighway n. (US) An expressway, especially one designed for high speeds.
superhighway n. (By extension) A major route that carries most of the traffic going in a given direction by a specified…
superhighway n. (Metaphoric) The primary mechanism used in the movement of electronic data or information; information superhighway.
SUPERHIGHWAYSsuperhighways n. Plural of superhighway.
SUPERHIGHWAY n. a multilane highway (as an expressway or turnpike) designed for high-speed traffic.
SWEEPINGLYsweepingly adv. In an encompassing manner.
SWEEPING adv. wide-ranging.
TYPEWRITINGtypewriting n. The act, or the skill, of using a typewriter.
typewriting n. The material produced by a typewriter; typescript.
typewriting v. Present participle of typewrite.
TYPEWRITINGStypewritings n. Plural of typewriting.
TYPEWRITING n. the act of using a typewriter.
WEBLIOGRAPHYwebliography n. A list of electronic documents or websites that relate to a particular subject, especially one used…
WEBLIOGRAPHY n. a list of items published on the internet, esp. one indicating sources used in the preparation of a book or academic paper.
WEEPINGLYweepingly adv. In a weeping manner.
WEEPING adv. tearful.
WHIMPERINGLYwhimperingly adv. With a whimpering sound.
WHISPERINGLYwhisperingly adv. In a whispering manner; quietly.
WHISPERING adv. speaking softly.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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