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There are 16 words containing H, 2K, S and T

HACKMATACKShackmatacks n. Plural of hackmatack.
HACKMATACK n. (Native American) the American larch, a coniferous tree with slender deciduous leaves.
KAFFEEKLATSCHkaffeeklatsch n. A coffee klatch.
KAFFEEKLATSCH n. (German) an informal social gathering for coffee and talk, also KLATCH, KLATSCH.
KAFFEEKLATSCHESkaffeeklatsches n. Plural of kaffeeklatsch.
KAFFEEKLATSCH n. (German) an informal social gathering for coffee and talk, also KLATCH, KLATSCH.
KAHIKATEASkahikateas n. Plural of kahikatea.
KAHIKATEA n. (Maori) a tall New Zealand coniferous tree.
KAHIKATOASKAHIKATOA n. (Maori) a New Zealand myrtaceous tree, with strong elastic wood and aromatic leaves.
KATHAKALISkathakalis n. Plural of kathakali.
KATHAKALI n. (Malayalam) a highly stylized form of South Indian drama, using dance and mime.
KATHAKSkathaks n. Plural of kathak.
KATHAK n. (Sanskrit) a classical dance of India in which brief passages of mime alternate with rapid, rhythmic dance.
PICKTHANKSpickthanks n. Plural of pickthank.
PICKTHANK n. someone who seeks to ingratiate himself or herself by officious favours, or by talebearing.
PINAKOTHEKSpinakotheks n. Plural of pinakothek.
PINAKOTHEK n. (German) a picture gallery.
SHITKICKERshitkicker n. (US, slang, vulgar, usually in the plural) A workboot.
shitkicker n. (US, slang, vulgar, offensive) A poor, rural person, especially from the southern United States.
shitkicker n. (US, slang, vulgar) Something unusually unpleasant or difficult.
SHITKICKERSshitkickers n. Plural of shitkicker.
SKETCHBOOKsketchbook n. A book or pad with blank pages for sketching; a sketch pad.
sketchbook n. A book of printed sketches.
sketchbook n. (Dated) A printed book of literary sketches or skits.
SKETCHBOOKSsketchbooks n. Plural of sketchbook.
sketch␣books n. Plural of sketch book.
SKETCHBOOK n. a book of or for sketches.
SUKKOTHsukkoth n. Plural of sukkah.
Sukkoth n. Alternative spelling of Sukkot.
SUKKAH n. (Hebrew) a shelter where meals are eaten during Jewish festivals, also SUCCAH.
THICKSKINthickskin n. A coarse, gross person; a person void of sensibility or sensitiveness; a dullard.
thickskin adj. (Zoology) Applied to various creatures having a thick skin.
thick␣skin n. (Idiomatic) Ability to take criticism or harsh behavior without being easily offended.
THICKSKINSthickskins n. Plural of thickskin.
THICKSKIN n. a coarse, gross person; a person void of sensibility or sensitiveness.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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