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There are 19 words containing M, X and 2Y

AXISYMMETRYaxisymmetry n. Symmetry about an axis; rotational symmetry.
AXISYMMETRY n. the state of being axisymmetric.
CYCLOHEXYLAMINEcyclohexylamine n. (Organic chemistry) The primary amine derived from cyclohexane by replacing a hydrogen atom by an amino…
CYCLOHEXYLAMINE n. a colorless liquid amine that is used in organic synthesis and to prevent corrosion in boilers and that is believed to be harmful as a metabolic breakdown product of cyclamate.
CYTOTAXONOMYcytotaxonomy n. (Taxonomy) The classification of organisms based upon their cellular structure and function, and especially…
CYTOTAXONOMY n. the classification of organisms based on cell structure, esp. the number, shape, etc., of the chromosomes.
HYDROXYLAMINEhydroxylamine n. (Inorganic chemistry) An explosive inorganic derivative of ammonia, NH2OH, used as a reducing agent…
hydroxylamine n. (Organic chemistry) Any organic derivative of this compound.
HYDROXYLAMINE n. a colorless odorless nitrogenous base that resembles ammonia in its reactions.
HYDROXYLAMINEShydroxylamines n. Plural of hydroxylamine.
HYDROXYLAMINE n. a colorless odorless nitrogenous base that resembles ammonia in its reactions.
HYPOMIXOLYDIANhypomixolydian adj. (Music) Describing a mode of church music represented by a major scale from D to G.
HYPOMIXOLYDIAN adj. applied in old church music to a mode extending from d to d with g as its final.
MONOHYDROXYmonohydroxy n. (Organic chemistry, in combination) Having a single hydroxy group in a molecule. E.g. a monool is monohydroxy/monohydri…
MONOHYDROXY adj. containing one hydroxyl group in the molecule.
MYCOTOXICOLOGYmycotoxicology n. The study of mycotoxins.
MYCOTOXICOLOGY n. the study of fungal poisons.
MYCOTOXOLOGYMYCOTOXOLOGY n. the study of mycotoxins.
MYXOCYTEMYXOCYTE n. a large cell found in mucous tissue.
MYXOCYTESMYXOCYTE n. a large cell found in mucous tissue.
MYXOMYCETEmyxomycete n. Any protozoan of the phylum Myxomycota; the slime molds.
MYXOMYCETE n. slime mould.
MYXOMYCETESmyxomycetes n. Plural of myxomycete.
Myxomycetes prop.n. A taxonomic class within the phylum Amoebozoa – Myxogastrea.
MYXOMYCETE n. slime mould.
MYXOMYCETOUSmyxomycetous adj. Relating to the fungus class Myxomycetes.
MYXOMYCETOUS adj. of or like a myxomycete, a slime mould.
OXYMORONICALLYoxymoronically adv. In an oxymoronic manner.
oxymoronically adv. With regard to, or using oxymorons.
OXYMORONIC adv. of or like an oxymoron, an apparent paradox achieved by the juxtaposition of words which seem to contradict one another.
PAROXYSMALLYparoxysmally adv. In a paroxysmal manner.
PAROXYSMAL adv. of the nature of a paroxysm.
POLYMYXINpolymyxin n. Any of several toxic antibiotics, derived from the soil bacterium Bacillus polymyxa, used to treat infections…
POLYMYXIN n. one of a group of mainly toxic antibiotics.
POLYMYXINSpolymyxins n. Plural of polymyxin.
POLYMYXIN n. one of a group of mainly toxic antibiotics.
XYLOTOMYxylotomy n. (Botany) The art of preparing sections of wood (as by means of a microtome) for microscopic examination.
XYLOTOMY n. the preparation of wood for microscopic examination.

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