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There are 14 seven-letter words beginning with ATO

ATOCIASATOCIA n. sterility in a female.
ATOKOUSatokous adj. (Zoology) Producing only asexual individuals.
ATOKOUS adj. without offspring, also ATOKAL.
ATOMICSatomics n. Plural of atomic.
atomics n. The study of physics at an atomic level.
ATOMICS n. the science of dealing with atoms.
ATOMIESatomies n. Plural of atomy.
ATOMY n. (archaic) an atom, a mote.
ATOMISEatomise v. (British spelling) Alternative spelling of atomize.
ATOMISE v. to reduce to a fine spray, also ATOMIZE.
ATOMISMatomism n. (Philosophy) The ancient Greek theory that all matter is composed of very small indestructible and indivisible…
atomism n. (Philosophy) The doctrine that society arises from individuals and that larger structures are unimportant.
ATOMISM n. the theory that atoms arranged themselves in the universe.
ATOMISTatomist n. An adherent of atomism; one who believes matter is composed of elementary indivisible particles.
atomist n. An adherent of the atomic theory.
ATOMIST n. an adherent of atomism, the belief that the universe consists of small indivisible particles.
ATOMIZEatomize v. (Transitive) to separate or reduce into atoms.
atomize v. (Transitive) to make into a fine spray.
atomize v. (Transitive) to fragment, break into small pieces or concepts.
ATONERSatoners n. Plural of atoner.
ATONER n. one who atones.
ATONIASatonias n. Plural of atonia.
ATONIA n. muscular debility, also ATONY.
ATONICSatonics n. Plural of atonic.
ATONIC n. an unaccented syllable or word.
ATONIESATONY n. muscular debility, also ATONIA.
ATONINGatoning v. Present participle of atone.
ATONE v. to make amends.
ATOPIESatopies n. Plural of atopy.
ATOPY n. an inherited tendency to general allergy.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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