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There are 15 words beginning with ALGE

ALGEBRAalgebra n. (Uncountable, mathematics) A system for computation using letters or other symbols to represent numbers…
algebra n. (Uncountable, medicine, historical, rare) The surgical treatment of a dislocated or fractured bone…
algebra n. (Uncountable, mathematics) The study of algebraic structures.
ALGEBRAICalgebraic adj. Of, or relating to, algebra.
algebraic adj. (Mathematics, of an expression, equation, or function) Containing only numbers, letters, and arithmetic operators.
algebraic adj. (Algebra, number theory, of a number) Which is a root of some polynomial whose coefficients are rational.
ALGEBRAICALalgebraical adj. Pertaining to algebra or its laws.
algebraical adj. (Mathematics) Requiring a finite number of algebraic operations; the opposite of transcendental.
ALGEBRAICAL adj. relating to algebra, also ALGEBRAIC.
ALGEBRAICALLYalgebraically adv. Using algebra.
ALGEBRAICAL adv. relating to algebra, also ALGEBRAIC.
ALGEBRAISTalgebraist n. (Mathematics) A mathematician who specializes in algebra.
ALGEBRAIST n. one versed in algebra.
ALGEBRAISTSalgebraists n. Plural of algebraist.
ALGEBRAIST n. one versed in algebra.
ALGEBRASalgebras n. Plural of algebra.
ALGEBRA n. (Arabic) a method of calculating by symbols.
ALGERINEalgerine n. A type of loosely woven cloth in stripes of bright colors, used for scarves, shawls and similar.
Algerine adj. (Archaic) Algerian.
Algerine n. (Archaic) A native or inhabitant of Algiers or Algeria, especially of Moorish or Berber descent, or…
ALGERINESalgerines n. Plural of algerine.
Algerines n. Plural of Algerine.
ALGERINE n. a kind of woollen fabric.
ALGESESALGESIS n. the sensation of pain.
ALGESIAalgesia n. (Medicine) sensitivity to pain.
ALGESIA n. sensitivity to pain.
ALGESIASalgesias n. Plural of algesia.
ALGESIA n. sensitivity to pain.
ALGESICalgesic adj. Pain-causing; painful in nature.
algesic adj. Relating to the level of hypersensitivity to pain.
ALGESIC adj. relating to algesia, sensitivity to pain, also ALGETIC.
ALGESISALGESIS n. the sensation of pain.
ALGETICalgetic adj. Producing or having relation to pain.
ALGETIC adj. relating to algesia, sensitivity to pain, also ALGESIC.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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