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There are 14 words beginning with DEAF

DEAFdeaf adj. Unable to hear, or only partially able to hear.
deaf adj. Unwilling to listen or be persuaded; determinedly inattentive; regardless.
deaf adj. Of or relating to the community of deaf people.
DEAFBLINDdeafblind adj. Unable to see and hear.
deaf-blind adj. Alternative spelling of deafblind.
DEAFBLIND adj. deaf and blind.
DEAFENdeafen v. (Transitive) To make deaf, either temporarily or permanently.
deafen v. (Transitive) To make soundproof.
deafen v. (Transitive, rare, dialectal, sometimes figurative) To stun, as with noise.
DEAFENEDdeafened v. Simple past tense and past participle of deafen.
DEAFEN v. to make deaf.
DEAFENINGdeafening adj. Loud enough to cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.
deafening adj. (Hyperbolic) Very loud.
deafening v. Present participle of deafen.
DEAFENINGLYdeafeningly adv. In a deafening manner.
DEAFENING adv. very loud.
DEAFENINGSdeafenings n. Plural of deafening.
DEAFENING n. the act of making deaf.
DEAFENSdeafens v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of deafen.
DEAFEN v. to make deaf.
DEAFERdeafer adj. Comparative form of deaf: more deaf.
DEAF adj. lacking the sense of hearing.
DEAFESTdeafest adj. Superlative form of deaf: most deaf.
DEAF adj. lacking the sense of hearing.
DEAFISHdeafish adj. Somewhat deaf.
DEAFISH adj. somewhat deaf.
DEAFLYdeafly adv. In a deaf manner; without the aid of a sense of hearing.
DEAF adv. lacking the sense of hearing.
DEAFNESSdeafness n. The condition of being deaf; the lack or loss of the ability to hear.
deafness n. (Figurative) Lack of knowledge or refusal to admit a particular problem, issue, etc.
DEAFNESS n. the state of being deaf.
DEAFNESSESdeafnesses n. Plural of deafness.
DEAFNESS n. the state of being deaf.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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