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There are 20 thirteen-letter words beginning with EV

EVANGELARIUMSEVANGELARIUM n. a book containing passages from the gospels to be used as part of the liturgy, also EVANGELIAR, EVANGELIARION, EVANGELIARIUM, EVANGELIARY.
EVANGELIARIESevangeliaries n. Plural of evangeliary.
EVANGELIARY n. a book of passages from the Gospels to be used at Mass or other services, also EVANGELARIUM, EVANGELIAR, EVANGELIARION, EVANGELIARIUM.
EVANGELIARIONEVANGELIARION n. a book of passages from the Gospels to be used at Mass or other services, also EVANGELARIUM, EVANGELIAR, EVANGELIARIUM, EVANGELIARY.
EVANGELIARIUMEVANGELIARIUM n. (Latin) a book of passages from the Gospels to be used at Mass or other services, also EVANGELARIUM, EVANGELIAR, EVANGELIARION, EVANGELIARY.
EVANGELICALLYevangelically adv. In an evangelical manner, concerning evangelism.
EVANGELICAL adv. of or relating to the Christian gospel.
EVANGELISTARYevangelistary n. (Christianity) A book containing selections from the Gospels, read during worship services.
EVANGELISTARY n. a book of the Gospels or of passages from them to be read at divine service, also EVANGELISTARION.
EVAPORABILITYevaporability n. Capability of evaporating.
EVAPORABILITY n. the quality of being evaporable.
EVAPORIMETERSevaporimeters n. Plural of evaporimeter.
EVAPORIMETER n. an instrument for measuring the rate of evaporation, also EVAPOROMETER.
EVAPOROGRAPHSevaporographs n. Plural of evaporograph.
EVAPOROGRAPH n. a device giving direct or photographic images of objects in darkness by focusing infrared radiations from them onto an oil-film.
EVAPOROMETERSevaporometers n. Plural of evaporometer.
EVAPOROMETER n. an instrument for measuring rate of evaporation, also EVAPORIMETER.
EVASIVENESSESevasivenesses n. Plural of evasiveness.
EVASIVENESS n. the state of being evasive.
EVENTUALISINGeventualising v. Present participle of eventualise.
EVENTUALISE v. to happen, come into being, also EVENTUALIZE.
EVENTUALITIESeventualities n. Plural of eventuality.
EVENTUALITY n. a possible event or outcome.
EVENTUALIZINGeventualizing v. Present participle of eventualize.
EVENTUALIZE v. to happen, come into being, also EVENTUALISE.
EVERLASTINGLYeverlastingly adv. In an everlasting manner; without end; forever.
everlastingly adv. Perpetually; constantly.
EVERLASTING adv. lasting forever.
EVISCERATIONSeviscerations n. Plural of evisceration.
EVISCERATION n. the act of eviscerating.
EVOCATIVENESSevocativeness n. The state or condition of being evocative.
EVOCATIVE n. calling forth; serving to evoke.
EVOLUTIONISMSevolutionisms n. Plural of evolutionism.
EVOLUTIONISM n. belief in evolution.
EVOLUTIONISTSevolutionists n. Plural of evolutionist.
EVOLUTIONIST n. one who believes in evolution.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the 1Word.ws and WikWik.org.

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