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There are 18 eleven-letter words beginning with GER

GERIATRISTSgeriatrists n. Plural of geriatrist.
GERIATRIST n. one specialising in the care of the elderly, a geriatrician.
GERMANENESSgermaneness n. The property or condition of being germane.
GERMANENESS n. the quality of being germane.
GERMANISINGGermanising v. Present participle of Germanise.
GERMANISE v. to make German, also GERMANIZE.
GERMANIZINGGermanizing v. Present participle of Germanize.
GERMANIZE v. to make German, also GERMANISE.
GERMAPHOBESgermaphobes n. Plural of germaphobe.
GERMAPHOBICgermaphobic adj. Alternative form of germophobic.
GERMINATINGgerminating v. Present participle of germinate.
GERMINATE v. to sprout, to cause to sprout.
GERMINATIONgermination n. The process of germinating; the beginning of vegetation or growth from a seed or spore; the first development…
GERMINATION n. the process by which a seedling emerges and develops from a seed.
GERMINATIVEgerminative adj. Of or pertaining to germination.
germinative adj. Having the ability to germinate.
GERMINATIVE adj. serving to germinate.
GERMINATORSgerminators n. Plural of germinator.
GERMINATOR n. one who germinates.
GERMINESSESGERMINESS n. the state of being germy.
GERMOPHOBESgermophobes n. Plural of germophobe.
GERMOPHOBICgermophobic adj. Morbidly afraid of germs.
GERONTOCRATgerontocrat n. A member of a gerontocracy; an aged leader, especially one clinging on to power or ruling only by virtue of age.
GERONTOCRAT n. a member of a gerontocracy, government by the aged.
GERONTOLOGYgerontology n. The study of the elderly, and of the aging process itself.
gerontology n. The branch of science that deals with the problems of aged people. It is to be distinguished from geriatrics…
GERONTOLOGY n. the scientific study of aging, also GERATOLOGY.
GERONTOPHILGERONTOPHIL n. a person who experiences gerontophilia, a sexual attraction towards old people, also GERONTOPHILE.
GERRYMANDERgerrymander v. (Transitive, derogatory) To divide a geographic area into voting districts in such a way as to give…
gerrymander v. (Transitive, derogatory, by extension) To draw dividing lines for other types of districts in an unintuitive…
gerrymander n. (Derogatory) The act of gerrymandering.
GERUNDIVELYgerundively adv. In the manner of a gerund; as, or in place of, a gerund.
GERUNDIVE adv. relating to a gerund.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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