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There are 18 ten-letter words beginning with HIER

HIERACIUMSHIERACIUM n. any plant of the genus Hieracium, the hawkweeds.
HIERARCHALhierarchal adj. Relating to a hierarch.
HIERARCHAL adj. of or like a hierarch.
HIERARCHIChierarchic adj. Hierarchal.
HIERARCHIC adj. of, relating to, or arranged in a hierarchy, also HIERARCHICAL.
HIERATICALhieratical adj. Alternative form of hieratic.
HIERATICAL adj. pertaining to priests, also HIERATIC.
HIERATICASHIERATICA n. (Latin) the finest papyrus, used for Egyptian sacred writings.
HIEROCRACYhierocracy n. Government by ecclesiastics.
hierocracy n. (Historical, Middle Ages) The doctrine that the pope held supreme temporal, and not just spiritual, power.
HIEROCRACY n. government by priests or religious ministers.
HIEROCRATShierocrats n. Plural of hierocrat.
HIEROCRAT n. a governing priest.
HIERODULEShierodules n. Plural of hierodule.
HIERODULE n. a temple slave in the service of a specified deity.
HIERODULIChierodulic adj. Pertaining to hierodules.
HIERODULIC adj. relating to a hierodule, a temple slave in the service of a specified deity.
HIEROGLYPHhieroglyph n. An element of an ideographic (hieroglyphic) writing system.
hieroglyph n. (Informal) Any obscure or baffling symbol.
hieroglyph v. To represent by hieroglyphs.
HIEROGRAMShierograms n. Plural of hierogram.
HIEROGRAM n. a sacred or hieroglyphic symbol.
HIEROGRAPHhierograph n. A sacred symbol.
HIEROGRAPH n. a sacred symbol.
HIEROLATRYhierolatry n. The worship of saints.
HIEROLATRY n. worship of saints or sacred things.
HIEROLOGIChierologic adj. Alternative form of hierological.
HIEROLOGIC adj. relating to hierology, the science of sacred matters, also HIEROLOGICAL.
HIEROMANCYhieromancy n. Divination by interpreting sacred objects, often used in sacrificial offerings. Similar to aruspicy.
HIEROMANCY n. divination by studying objects offered in sacrifice.
HIEROPHANThierophant n. (Ancient Greece) An ancient Greek priest who interpreted sacred mysteries, especially the priest of…
hierophant n. An interpreter of sacred mysteries or arcane knowledge.
hierophant n. One who explains or makes a commentary.
HIEROSCOPYhieroscopy n. Hieromancy.
HIEROSCOPY n. divination using entrails.
HIERURGIEShierurgies n. Plural of hierurgy.
HIERURGY n. a sacred performance.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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