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There are 14 words beginning with ICT

ICTALictal adj. (Medicine) Of or pertaining to a sudden physiologic attack such as a seizure, stroke or headache.
ICTAL adj. relating to an ictus, a rhythmical or metrical stress, also ICTIC.
ICTERICicteric adj. (Medicine) Jaundiced (having icterus); having yellowing of the skin, mucous membranes of the sclerae…
icteric adj. Relating to jaundice.
icteric n. A medicine for jaundice.
ICTERICALicterical adj. Dated form of icteric.
ICTERICAL n. a remedy for icterus, jaundice, also ICTERIC.
ICTERICALSICTERICAL n. a remedy for icterus, jaundice, also ICTERIC.
ICTERICSicterics n. Plural of icteric.
ICTERIC n. a remedy for icterus, jaundice, also ICTERICAL.
ICTERIDicterid n. (Ornithology) Any member of the family Icteridae of grackles and related New World birds.
ICTERID n. an American oriole.
ICTERIDSicterids n. Plural of icterid.
ICTERID n. an American oriole.
ICTERINEicterine adj. Yellowish.
icterine adj. (Zoology) Of or pertaining to the Icteridae family of passerine birds.
ICTERINE adj. marked yellow.
ICTERITIOUSicteritious adj. Yellow; jaundiced.
ICTERITIOUS adj. jaundiced; yellow.
ICTERUSicterus n. (Medicine) An excess of bile pigments in the blood; jaundice.
icterus n. A yellowish appearance in plants.
Icterus prop.n. A taxonomic genus within the family Icteridae – New World orioles.
ICTERUSESICTERUS n. (Greek) a diseased condition of the liver, jaundice.
ICTICictic adj. Pertaining to, or caused by, a blow; sudden; abrupt.
ictic adj. (Poetry) of a syllable in verse, carrying the beat.
ICTIC adj. relating to an ictus, a rhythmical or metrical stress, also ICTAL.
ICTUSictus n. The pulse.
ictus n. (Medicine) A sudden attack, blow, stroke, or seizure, as in a sunstroke, the sting of an insect, pulsation…
ictus n. (Prosody) The stress of voice laid upon an accented syllable of a word. Compare arsis.
ICTUSESictuses n. Plural of ictus.
ICTUS n. (Latin) a recurring stress/accent in a rhythmic/metrical series of sounds.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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