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There are 20 words beginning with NONUN

NONUNANIMOUSnonunanimous adj. Not unanimous.
NONUNANIMOUS adj. not unanimous.
NONUNIFORMnonuniform adj. Not uniform.
nonuniform adj. (Of a flow) Not having the same instantaneous velocity at all points.
nonuniform adj. (Of a polymer) Composed of macromolecular species of differing molar masses.
NONUNIFORMITIESnonuniformities n. Plural of nonuniformity.
NONUNIFORMITY n. the state of being nonuniform.
NONUNIFORMITYnonuniformity n. (Uncountable) The condition of being nonuniform.
nonuniformity n. (Countable) A nonuniform thing.
NONUNIFORMITY n. the state of being nonuniform.
NONUNIFORMSSorry, definition not available.
NONUNIONnonunion adj. Not part of a labor union; not unionized.
nonunion n. Lack of union; failure to become united.
nonunion n. (Countable, pathology) The failure of a broken bone to heal.
NONUNIONISEDnonunionised adj. Alternative spelling of nonunionized.
NONUNIONISED adj. not unionised, also NONUNIONIZED.
NONUNIONISMnonunionism n. Lack of unionism; absence of support for a union or trade union.
NONUNIONISM n. opposition to trade unionism.
NONUNIONISMSNONUNIONISM n. opposition to trade unionism.
NONUNIONISTnonunionist n. One who is not a unionist.
NONUNIONIST n. a supporter of nonunionism.
NONUNIONISTSnonunionists n. Plural of nonunionist.
NONUNIONIST n. a supporter of nonunionism.
NONUNIONIZEDnonunionized adj. Not unionized; lacking union representation.
NONUNIONIZED adj. not unionized, also NONUNIONISED.
NONUNIONSnonunions n. Plural of nonunion.
NONUNION n. failure of a broken bone to heal.
NONUNIQUEnonunique adj. Not unique.
non-unique adj. Alternative spelling of nonunique.
NONUNIQUE adj. not unique.
NONUNIQUENESSnonuniqueness n. The state or condition of being nonunique.
NONUNIQUE n. not unique.
NONUNIQUENESSESnonuniquenesses n. Plural of nonuniqueness.
NONUNIVERSALnonuniversal adj. Not universal.
nonuniversal n. (Logic) That which is not universal.
NONUNIVERSAL adj. not universal.
NONUNIVERSALSnonuniversals n. Plural of nonuniversal.
NONUNIVERSITIESnonuniversities n. Plural of nonuniversity.
NONUNIVERSITYnonuniversity adj. Not of or pertaining to a university.
nonuniversity n. An institution that is not a university.
NONUNIVERSITY adj. denoting an institution that is not a university.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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