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There are 16 two-letter words beginning with O

OBob n. (historical) a halfpenny.
ob n. (archaic) an objection.
ob n. (genetics) the obese gene.
ODod n. (archaic except in dialects) God.
od n. (archaic) An alleged force or natural power, supposed, by Reichenbach and others, to produce the…
OD n. Abbreviation of overdose.
OEoe n. (literary or poetic, rare) A small island.
Oe sym. oersted.
OE prop.n. (linguistics, initialism) Old English.
OFof prep. Expressing distance or motion.
of prep. Expressing separation.
of prep. Expressing origin.
OHoh interj. Expression of surprise.
oh interj. Expression of wonder, amazement, or awe.
oh interj. Expression of understanding, affirmation, recognition, or realization.
OIoi interj. Said to get someone’s attention; hey.
oi interj. An expression of surprise.
oi interj. An informal greeting, similar to hi.
OMom n. (Hinduism, Buddhism) A sacred, mystical syllable used in prayer and meditation.
OM init. (politics) Initialism of Occupy movement.
OM init. Initialism of Old Measurement.
ONon adj. In the state of being active, functioning or operating.
on adj. Performing according to schedule.
on adj. (chiefly Britain, informal, usually negative) Acceptable, appropriate.
OOoo n. (obsolete) The Greek letter omega.
oo n. Any of four Hawaiian birds of the genus Moho, formerly classed with the honeyeaters and now believed to be extinct.
OO n. Alternative letter-case form of oo.
OPop n. (informal) An operation.
op n. (informal) An amateur radio operator.
op n. (Internet) An operator on IRC, who can moderate the chat channel, ban users, etc.
ORor conj. Connects at least two alternative words, phrases, clauses, sentences, etc. each of which could…
or conj. (logic) An operator denoting the disjunction of two propositions or truth values. There are two…
or conj. Counts the elements before and after as two possibilities.
OSos n. (rare, medicine) Bone.
os n. (rare) A mouth; an opening.
os n. In particular, either end of the cervix, internal (to the uterus) or external (to the vagina).
OUou n. A probably extinct species of Hawaiian honeycreeper, Psittirostra psittacea.
ou n. (South Africa, colloquial) A fellow, guy, bloke.
ou pron. (obsolete or dialectal) he, she, it.
OWow interj. Synonym of ouch.
ow interj. (music) Used for emotional emphasis.
'ow adv. (dialectal) Eye dialect spelling of how.
OXox n. An adult castrated male of cattle (B. taurus).
ox n. Any bovine animal (genus Bos). A neat, a beef.
Ox prop.n. (astronomy) A Chinese constellation located near Capricorn, one of the 28 lunar mansions and…
OYoy interj. An exclamation typically expressing mild frustration or expressing feelings of uncertainty or concern.
ѹ let. Deprecated text encoding of оу (u).

Words in black are found in both the twl06 and the sowpods dictionaries; words in red are only in the sowpods dictionary.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org.

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