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There are 19 nine-letter words beginning with OE

OECOLOGICœcologic adj. Obsolete spelling of ecologic.
OECOLOGIC adj. relating to oecology, also ECOLOGIC, ECOLOGICAL, OECOLOGICAL.
OECUMENICoecumenic adj. Archaic form of ecumenic.
œcumenic adj. Archaic form of ecumenic.
OECUMENIC adj. general; universal; in ecclesiastical usage, that which concerns the whole church, also ECUMENIC, ECUMENICAL, OECUMENICAL.
OEDIPALLYoedipally adv. In a manner related to an Oedipus complex. Adverb form of oedipal.
Oedipally adv. Alternative spelling of oedipally.
OEDIPAL adv. pertaining to the libidinous feelings of a son towards his mother, also OEDIPEAN.
OEDOMETERoedometer n. (Geology) A device used for measuring the consolidation properties of soil.
OEDOMETER n. an instrument for measuring the consolidation of a soil specimen under pressure.
OEILLADESoeillades n. Plural of oeillade.
œillades n. Plural of œillade.
OEILLADE n. (French) an amorous glance, also ELIAD, EYELIAD, EYLIAD, ILLIAD.
OENANTHICoenanthic adj. Alternative form of enanthic.
œnanthic adj. Obsolete spelling of enanthic.
OENANTHIC adj. having or imparting the characteristic odour of wine.
OENOMANCYoenomancy n. Divination by studying wine.
œnomancy n. Archaic form of oenomancy.
OENOMANCY n. divination by studying the appearance of wine.
OENOMANIAoenomania n. Morbid desire for wine; dipsomania; alcoholism.
OENOMANIA n. an obsession or craze for wine.
OENOMETERoenometer n. An alcoholometer.
OENOMETER n. an instrument for measuring alcoholic strength of wine.
OENOPHILEoenophile n. A person who has a fondness or appreciation for wine.
œnophile n. Obsolete form of oenophile.
OENOPHILE n. a wine connoisseur, also ENOPHILE, OENOPHIL.
OENOPHILSoenophils n. Plural of oenophil.
OENOPHIL n. a wine connoisseur, also ENOPHILE, OENOPHILE.
OENOPHILYoenophily n. Synonym of oenophilia.
OENOPHILY n. the love of wine.
OENOTHERAOenothera prop.n. A taxonomic genus within the family Onagraceae – New World plants, including evening primrose, suncups, and sundrop.
Œnothera prop.n. Alternative form of Oenothera.
OENOTHERA n. a type of South American plant with yellow flowers that open in the evening.
OERLIKONSOerlikons n. Plural of Oerlikon.
OERLIKON n. (Swiss) a type of antiaircraft cannon.
OESOPHAGIoesophagi n. Plural of oesophagus.
œsophagi n. Plural of œsophagus.
OESOPHAGUS n. that portion of the gut which connects the pharynx to the stomach, also ESOPHAGUS.
OESTRIOLSoestriols n. Plural of oestriol.
OESTRIOL n. an estrogen, also ESTRIOL.
OESTROGENoestrogen n. (British spelling) Alternative spelling of estrogen.
œstrogen n. (Biochemistry, steroids) Alternative spelling of estrogen.
OESTROGEN n. a female sex-hormone, also ESTROGEN.
OESTRONESoestrones n. Plural of oestrone.
OESTRUSESoestruses n. Plural of oestrus.
œstruses n. Plural of œstrus.
OESTRUS n. (Latin) the period of heat in female mammals, also ESTRUM, OESTRUM, ESTRUS.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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