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There are 15 six-letter words beginning with PHA

PHAEICPHAEIC adj. (Greek) dusky.
PHAGESphages n. Plural of phage.
PHAGE n. (short for) a bacteriophage, a bacterium that eats other bacteria.
PHALLIphalli n. Plural of phallus.
PHALLUS n. (Latin) the penis; a symbol of generation in primitive religions.
PHANGSphangs n. Plural of phang.
Phangs prop.n. Plural of Phang.
PHANG v. (Shakespeare) to seize in the teeth.
PHARESphares n. Plural of phare.
PHARE n. a lighthouse or beacon, also PHAROS.
PHARMApharma n. (Business, pharmacy, pharmacology) The pharmaceutical or drug-making sector.
pharma- pref. Pertaining to pharmaceuticals or pharmacology.
PHARMA n. pharmaceutical companies considered together as one company.
PHARMSpharms n. Plural of pharm.
PHARM v. to redirect computer users from legitimate websites to counterfeit sites in order to gain confidential information about them.
PHAROSpharos n. (Historical) An ancient lighthouse or beacon to guide sailors.
pharos n. (Figuratively) That which stands out; a shining light.
Pharos prop.n. A small island off Alexandria where the Lighthouse of Alexandria was located.
PHASEDphased v. Simple past tense and past participle of phase.
phased v. Misspelling of fazed.
phased adj. Organized or structured chronologically in phases.
PHASERphaser n. (Music) An electronic device that produces special effects on the sound produced by an electric guitar etc.
phaser n. (Science fiction) Fictional energy weapon, with multiple settings for degree of intensity, from the…
phaser n. A phase modulator.
PHASESphases n. Plural of phase.
phases v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of phase.
phases n. Plural of phasis.
PHASICphasic adj. Of or relating to phase…
phasic adj. (Physiology) Describing the discontinuous activity of excitable cells or tissues…
PHASIC adj. relating to a phase.
PHASISphasis n. (Obsolete) A phase (Of the moon, a planet etc.).
phasis n. (Obsolete) Any phase or aspect of something.
phasis n. (Now rare) The first appearance of the new moon.
PHASORphasor n. (Mathematics) A representation of a complex number in terms of a complex exponential.
phasor n. (Sciences, engineering) A plotted line whose length and angle represent the amplitude and phase, respectively…
phasor n. A phase modulator.
PHATICphatic adj. (Linguistics) Pertaining to words used to convey any kind of social relationship.
PHATIC adj. relating to a communication meant to generate an atmosphere of social relationship rather than to convey some information.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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