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There are 20 words beginning with POA

POApoa n. Any grass of the genus Poa, especially Poa annua.
Poa prop.n. A taxonomic genus within the family Poaceae – the bluegrasses, meadow grasses, and related grasses.
POA n. (Law) Initialism of power of attorney.
POACEOUSpoaceous adj. (Botany) Belonging to the family Poaceae of grasses.
POACEOUS adj. pertaining to plants of the grass family.
POACHpoach v. (Transitive) To cook something in simmering liquid.
poach v. (Intransitive) To be cooked in simmering liquid.
poach n. The act of cooking in simmering liquid.
POACHABLEpoachable adj. Capable of being poached, or stolen.
poachable adj. Suitable for being cooked by poaching.
POACHABLE adj. that can be poached.
POACHEDpoached v. Simple past tense and past participle of poach.
poached adj. Cooked by poaching.
poached adj. Obtained by poaching.
POACHERpoacher n. A person who trespasses in order to take game illegally, one who poaches; a person who illegally takes…
poacher n. A vessel with shallow cuplike compartments in which eggs are cooked over boiling water.
poacher n. (Soccer) An attacker with good movement inside the penalty box, see Wikipedia:Goal poacher.
POACHERSpoachers n. Plural of poacher.
POACHER n. one who poaches.
POACHESpoaches v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of poach.
poaches n. Plural of poach.
POACH v. to trespass to hunt game.
POACHIERpoachier adj. Comparative form of poachy: more poachy.
POACHY adj. spongy and sodden.
POACHIESTpoachiest adj. Superlative form of poachy: most poachy.
POACHY adj. spongy and sodden.
POACHINESSpoachiness n. The state of being poachy or marshy.
POACHINESS n. the state of being poachy.
POACHINESSESPOACHINESS n. the state of being poachy.
POACHINGpoaching v. Present participle of poach.
poaching n. Illegal procurement of protected wildlife such as fish, game, logging, or plant collecting.
POACHING n. encroachment on someone's territory.
POACHINGSpoachings n. Plural of poaching.
POACHING n. encroachment on someone's territory.
POACHYpoachy adj. Wet and soft; easily penetrated by the feet of cattle; said of land.
POACHY adj. spongy and sodden.
POAKApoaka n. (New Zealand, among the Maori people) A pig.
POAKA n. (Maori) a New Zealand bird of the stilt family.
POAKASpoakas n. Plural of poaka.
POAKA n. (Maori) a New Zealand bird of the stilt family.
POAKEPOAKE n. (Shakespeare) a poke, a bag.
POAKESpoakes n. Plural of poake.
POAKE n. (Shakespeare) a poke, a bag.
POASpoas n. Plural of poa.
POA n. a meadow-grass plant.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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