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There are 19 words beginning with PURG

PURGATIONpurgation n. The process or act of purging, such as by the use of a purgative.
purgation n. The process or act of cleansing from sin or guilt.
purgation n. (Archaic) Exoneration or the act undertaken to achieve exoneration.
PURGATIONSpurgations n. Plural of purgation.
PURGATION n. the act of purging.
PURGATIVEpurgative adj. (Capable of) purging.
purgative n. Something, such as a substance or medicine, that purges; laxative.
PURGATIVE adj. serving to purge.
PURGATIVELYpurgatively adv. In a purgative manner; so as to purge.
PURGATIVE adv. serving to purge.
PURGATIVESpurgatives n. Plural of purgative.
PURGATIVE n. a medicine that empties the intestines.
PURGATORIALpurgatorial adj. Of, pertaining to, or resembling purgatory.
purgatorial adj. That purifies by removing sin; expiatory.
PURGATORIAL adj. relating to purgatory, also PURGATORIAN.
PURGATORIALLYPURGATORIAL adv. relating to purgatory, also PURGATORIAN.
PURGATORIANpurgatorian n. One who holds to the doctrine of purgatory.
PURGATORIAN n. a person who believes in Purgatory.
PURGATORIANSpurgatorians n. Plural of purgatorian.
PURGATORIAN n. a person who believes in Purgatory.
PURGATORIESpurgatories n. Plural of purgatory.
PURGATORY n. a place or state in which souls are after death purified from venial sins.
PURGATORYpurgatory n. (Christianity) Alternative letter-case form of Purgatory.
purgatory n. Any situation where suffering is endured, particularly as part of a process of redemption.
purgatory adj. Tending to cleanse; expiatory.
PURGEpurge n. An act of purging.
purge n. (Medicine) An evacuation of the bowels or a vomiting.
purge n. A cleansing of pipes.
PURGEABLEpurgeable adj. Capable of being purged.
PURGEABLE adj. that can be purged.
PURGEDpurged v. Simple past tense and past participle of purge.
PURGE v. to purify.
PURGERpurger n. One who, or that which, purges or cleanses.
PURGER n. one who purges.
PURGERSpurgers n. Plural of purger.
PURGER n. one who purges.
PURGESpurges n. Plural of purge.
purges v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of purge.
PURGE v. to purify.
PURGINGpurging v. Present participle of purge.
purging n. The act or an instance of eliminating contamination: a purification, a cleansing, particularly…
purging n. The removal of waste from the human body, particularly…
PURGINGSpurgings n. Plural of purging.
PURGING n. the act of purifying.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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