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There are 17 words beginning with WEEP

WEEPweep v. To cry; to shed tears, especially when accompanied with sobbing or other difficulty speaking, as an…
weep v. To lament; to complain.
weep v. To give off moisture in small quantities, e.g. due to condensation.
WEEPERweeper n. A person who weeps.
weeper n. A hired mourner.
weeper n. A pleurant.
WEEPERSweepers n. Plural of weeper.
WEEPER n. one who weeps.
WEEPHOLEweephole n. A small opening for drainage.
WEEPHOLE n. a hole in a wall through which water escapes.
WEEPHOLESweepholes n. Plural of weephole.
WEEPHOLE n. a hole in a wall through which water escapes.
WEEPIEweepie n. (Colloquial) A sad or sentimental film, often portraying troubled romance, designed to elicit a tearfully…
WEEPIE n. a highly emotional film, also WEEPY.
WEEPIERweepier adj. Comparative form of weepy: more weepy.
WEEPY adj. tending to weep.
WEEPIESweepies n. Plural of weepie.
weepies n. Plural of weepy.
WEEPIE n. a highly emotional film, also WEEPY.
WEEPIESTweepiest adj. Superlative form of weepy: most weepy.
WEEPY adj. tending to weep.
WEEPILYweepily adv. In a weepy manner.
WEEPY adv. tending to weep.
WEEPINESSweepiness n. The quality of being weepy.
WEEPINESS n. the state of being weepy.
WEEPINESSESWEEPINESS n. the state of being weepy.
WEEPINGweeping v. Present participle of weep.
weeping n. Action of the verb to weep.
WEEPING adj. tearful.
WEEPINGLYweepingly adv. In a weeping manner.
WEEPING adv. tearful.
WEEPINGSweepings n. Plural of weeping.
WEEPING n. the act of weeping.
WEEPSweeps v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of weep.
WEEP v. to shed tears (salty liquid) from the eyes.
WEEPYweepy adj. Inclined to weep; tearful or lachrymose.
weepy adj. (Informal) Of a film or book etc.: full of tragic melodrama.
weepy n. Alternative form of weepie.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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