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There are 14 words beginning with WINK

WINKwink v. (Obsolete, intransitive) To close one’s eyes in sleep.
wink v. (Intransitive) To close one’s eyes.
wink v. (Intransitive) Usually followed by at: to look the other way, to turn a blind eye.
WINKEDwinked v. Simple past tense and past participle of wink.
WINK v. to open and close one eye quickly.
WINKERwinker n. A screen attached to the bridle of a horse or other domesticated animal preventing it from being able…
winker n. Somebody who winks; somebody who connives.
winker n. (UK, colloquial) An eye.
WINKERSwinkers n. Blocked leather eye shields attached to a (usually) harness bridle for horses, to prevent them from…
winkers n. A fleece cover wrapped around the cheek strap of a racing bridle to limit the rear vision of racehorses.
winkers n. Plural of winker.
WINKINGwinking v. Present participle of wink.
winking n. The act of someone who winks.
WINKING adj. with eyes shut.
WINKINGLYwinkingly adv. In a winking way; with a wink.
WINKING adv. with eyes shut.
WINKINGSwinkings n. Plural of winking.
WINKING n. the act of winking.
WINKLEwinkle n. A periwinkle or its shell, of family Littorinidae.
winkle n. Any one of various marine spiral gastropods, especially, in the United States, either of two species…
winkle n. (Children’s slang) The penis, especially that of a boy rather than that of a man.
WINKLEDwinkled v. Simple past tense and past participle of winkle.
WINKLE v. to extract or force out.
WINKLERwinkler n. One who finds and sells winkles.
Winkler prop.n. A surname.
Winkler prop.n. A city in Manitoba.
WINKLERSwinklers n. Plural of winkler.
Winklers prop.n. Plural of Winkler.
WINKLER n. a person who evicts tenants.
WINKLESwinkles n. Plural of winkle.
Winkles prop.n. Plural of Winkle.
WINKLE v. to extract or force out.
WINKLINGwinkling v. Present participle of winkle.
WINKLE v. to extract or force out.
WINKSwinks n. Plural of wink.
winks v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wink.
Winks prop.n. A surname.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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