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There are 16 words ending with AFE

AGRAFEagrafe n. A hook or fastener on clothing.
AGRAFE n. (French) a hooked clasp used by masons to hold blocks together, also AGRAFFE.
CAFEcafe n. Alternative form of café.
cafe n. (South Africa) A convenience store, originally one that sold coffee and similar basic items.
CAFE n. (Automotive) Acronym of Corporate Average Fuel Economy.
CARAFEcarafe n. A bottle, usually glass and with a flared lip, used for serving water, wine, or other beverages.
carafe n. A glass pot with a spout for pouring, used for both serving coffee and as a receptacle during the brewing process.
CARAFE n. (French) a glass bottle for water or wine at a table, in a bedroom, etc.
CHAFEchafe n. Heat excited by friction.
chafe n. Injury or wear caused by friction.
chafe n. Vexation; irritation of mind; rage.
CYBERCAFEcybercafe n. Alternative spelling of cybercafé.
cybercafé n. (Dated) A café in which customers may access the Internet, play video games etc.
CYBERCAFE n. a cafe where computers can be used.
ENCHAFEenchafe v. (Obsolete, transitive) To make warm, to heat.
ENCHAFE v. (obsolete) to make warm; to irritate.
MORTSAFEmortsafe n. (Scotland) An iron frame constructed over a grave as a protection against resurrectionists.
MORTSAFE n. a heavy iron cage placed over the grave of a newly buried person to deter body snatchers.
NEAFENEAFE n. (Shakespeare) a fist, also NEAFFE, NEIF, NEIVE, NIEF, NIEVE.
SAFEsafe adj. Not in danger; out of harm’s reach.
safe adj. Free from risk.
safe adj. Providing protection from danger; providing shelter.
STRAFEstrafe v. (Transitive, military, aviation) To attack (ground targets) with automatic gunfire from a low-flying aircraft.
strafe v. (Transitive, military, by extension) To rake (a target) with rapid or automatic gunfire.
strafe v. (Intransitive, video games) To sidestep; to move sideways without turning (a core mechanic of most first-person…
SUPERSAFEsupersafe adj. Very safe.
SUPERSAFE adj. very safe.
ULTRASAFEultrasafe adj. Extremely safe.
ULTRASAFE adj. very very safe.
UNSAFEunsafe adj. Not safe (various senses); dangerous.
unsafe v. (Transitive) To remove the safety from (a weapon).
UNSAFE adj. not safe.
VOUCHSAFEvouchsafe v. To graciously give, to condescendingly grant a right, benefit, outcome, etc.; to deign to acknowledge.
vouchsafe v. To receive or accept in condescension.
vouchsafe v. To disclose or divulge.
VOUTSAFEvoutsafe v. Obsolete form of vouchsafe.
VOUTSAFE v. (Milton) to vouchsafe.
WORKSAFEwork-safe adj. (Internet) That can be viewed from one’s workplace without the risk of disciplinary action; not graphic…
WORKSAFE adj. (of an internet link etc.) suitable for viewing in the workplace because of an absence of pornographic content.

Scrabble words — in black are valid world wide — in RED are not valid in North America — in GREEN are valid only in North America.
Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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