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There are 11 words ending with AXE

AXEaxe n. A tool for felling trees or chopping wood etc. consisting of a heavy head flattened to a blade on one…
axe n. An ancient weapon consisting of a head that has one or two blades and a long handle.
axe n. (Informal) A dismissal or rejection.
BATTLEAXEbattleaxe n. Alternative spelling of battle axe.
battle-axe n. Alternative spelling of battle axe.
battle␣axe n. An ancient military weapon, an axe designed for combat, including (in heraldry) when borne on arms as…
BROADAXEbroadaxe n. A large axe, with a broad blade, once used as a weapon and also used for hewing timber.
BROADAXE n. an ancient military weapon; a battleax, also BROADAX.
CURTALAXEcurtal-axe n. (Obsolete) A short, broad sword.
CURTALAXE n. (archaic) a short broad sword; a cutlass, also CURTALAX, CURTAXE.
CURTAXECURTAXE n. (archaic) a short broad sword, also CURTALAX, CURTALAXE.
HANDAXEhandaxe n. Alternative form of hand axe.
hand␣axe n. A stone tool made by flaking to produce an edge, used without a handle.
hand␣axe n. (Fantasy, role-playing games) A hatchet or throwing axe.
MEATAXEmeataxe n. Alternative form of meat axe.
meat␣axe n. A cleaver used for chopping meat.
MEATAXE n. a meat cleaver.
PICKAXEpickaxe n. A heavy iron tool with a wooden handle; one end of the head is pointed, the other has a chisel edge.
pickaxe v. To use a pickaxe.
pick-axe n. Alternative spelling of pickaxe.
POLEAXEpoleaxe n. An ax having both a blade and a hammer face; used to slaughter cattle.
poleaxe n. (Historical) A long-handled battle axe, being a combination of ax, hammer and pike.
poleaxe v. (Transitive) To fell someone with, or as if with, a poleaxe.
POLLAXEpollaxe n. Alternative form of poleaxe.
POLLAXE n. an axe on a pole, also POLEAX, POLEAXE.
POLLAXE v. to strike with a pollaxe.
SAXESaxe n. (Photography, historical) A German albumenized paper used in photography.
SAXE adj. as in saxe blue, a light bluish-grey colour.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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