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There are 14 words ending with AMAN

ATAMANataman n. (Historical) A title of Cossack and haidamak leaders of various kinds. The term was also used for the…
ATAMAN n. (Russian) a chief of the Cossacks, also HETMAN.
CAMANcaman n. Archaic form of caiman.
caman n. Synonym of shinty (“stick used to hit the ball in the game of shinty”).
CAMAN n. (Gaelic) a club used in the game of shinty.
CAMERAMANcameraman n. Somebody who operates a movie camera or television camera.
CAMERAMAN n. one who works with a camera.
CHINAMANchinaman n. (Obsolete) A dealer in porcelain (china).
chinaman n. (Cricket, dated) A left-arm unorthodox bowling action (left-arm wrist-spin).
chinaman n. (Cricket) A spin bowler who uses such an action.
DAMANdaman n. The rock hyrax.
Daman prop.n. The capital of the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, India.
Daman prop.n. A male given name from Sanskrit used in India.
HIELAMANhielaman n. An Australian Aboriginal shield, traditionally made from bark or wood.
HIELAMAN n. (Native Australian) an Australian Aboriginal narrow shield of bark and wood.
MILITIAMANmilitiaman n. A member of a militia.
MILITIAMAN n. a member of a militia.
ORRAMANORRAMAN n. (Scots) a worker, esp. on a farm, who does odd jobs.
SAGAMANsagaman n. A narrator of sagas.
SAGAMAN n. (Old Norse) a writer of sagas.
SAMANsaman n. (Singapore, Malaysia, colloquial, informal) A fine; a monetary penalty imposed for breaking the law.
SAMAN n. (Caribbean) the rain-tree, a member of the mimosa family, also SAMAAN, ZAMAN, ZAMANG.
SEAMANseaman n. A mariner or sailor, one who mans a ship. Opposed to landman or landsman.
seaman n. (Britain, Navy) A person of the lowest rank in the Navy, below able seaman.
seaman n. (US, Navy) An enlisted rate in the United States Navy and United States Coast Guard, ranking below petty…
SHAMANshaman n. A traditional (unscientific) faith healer.
shaman n. A member of certain tribal societies who acts as a spiritual and, or religious medium between the concrete…
SHAMAN n. (Russian) a doctor-priest or medicine man working by magic, esp. a priest of Asian Shamanism.
YARRAMANyarraman n. (Australian Aboriginal) horse.
YARRAMAN n. (Native Australian) a horse.
ZAMANzaman n. Albizia saman, a large tropical tree in the pea family.
ZAMAN n. (Caribbean) the rain-tree, a member of the mimosa family, also SAMAAN, SAMAN, ZAMANG.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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