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There are 14 words ending with BANE

BANEbane n. A cause of misery or death.
bane n. (Dated) Poison, especially any of several poisonous plants.
bane n. (Obsolete) A killer, murderer, slayer.
BUGBANEbugbane n. Actaea spp. (baneberry).
bugbane n. Trautvetteria spp.
BUGBANE n. a perennial white-flowered herb of the order Ranunculaceae, aka bugwort.
COWBANEcowbane n. Any of several related poisonous plants of the genus Cicuta.
cowbane n. Cicuta virosa, type species of this genus.
COWBANE n. the water hemlock, often poisonous to cattle.
CUBANEcubane n. (Organic chemistry) One of the Platonic hydrocarbons, C8H8, having the carbon atoms placed at the vertices…
CUBANE n. a hydrocarbon with CH groups arranged as a cube.
DOGBANEdogbane n. Any plant in the genus Apocynum, eponymous of the dogbane family Apocynaceae.
DOGBANE n. a small genus of perennial herbaceous plants, with poisonous milky juice.
FLEABANEfleabane n. Any of various species of flowering plants in certain genera in family Asteraceae, that typically repel insects…
FLEABANE n. a flowering plant supposed to repel fleas.
FLYBANEflybane n. Any sessile organism thought to be harmful to or deterrent of flies.
FLYBANE n. a name for various poisonous plants.
HENBANEhenbane n. A poisonous plant, Hyoscyamus niger, used sometimes as a drug that causes at least hallucinations, dilated…
henbane n. Any other plant of the genus Hyoscyamus.
HENBANE n. a plant of the nightshade family, noted for its poisonous and narcotic properties.
INURBANEinurbane adj. Uncivil; unpolished; rude.
INURBANE adj. not urbane.
MIRBANEmirbane n. Nitrobenzene.
MIRBANE n. an apparently meaningless word used in perfumery, as in oil of mirbane, a name for nitrobenzene, also MYRBANE.
MYRBANEmyrbane n. Alternative form of mirbane.
MYRBANE n. an apparently meaningless word used in perfumery, as in oil of myrbane, a name of nitrobenzene, also MIRBANE.
RATSBANEratsbane n. Rat poison; white arsenic.
RATSBANE n. rat poison; white arsenic.
URBANEurbane adj. (Of a person, usually a man) Courteous, polite, refined, and suave.
URBANE adj. refined and elegant.
WOLFSBANEwolfsbane n. Any of several poisonous perennial herbs of the genus Aconitum.
wolfsbane n. Arnica montana.
wolf's␣bane n. Alternative spelling of wolfsbane.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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