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There are 11 eleven-letter words ending with DINE

BENZYLIDINEbenzylidine n. Alternative spelling of benzylidene.
BENZYLIDINE n. a radical whose oxide is benzaldehyde or oil of bitter almonds.
CARBAMIDINEcarbamidine n. (Organic chemistry) Synonym of guanidine.
CARBAMIDINE n. another name for guanidine.
DESERPIDINEdeserpidine n. An antihypertensive drug related to reserpine.
DESERPIDINE n. a synthetic sedative drug of which the natural base is Rauwolfia serpentina.
IDOXURIDINEidoxuridine n. A particular antiviral drug used to combat herpesvirus.
IDOXURIDINE n. a drug containing iodine used to treat viral infections of the eye.
INCARNADINEincarnadine adj. (Originally) Of the pale pink or pale red colour of flesh; carnation.
incarnadine adj. Of the blood-red colour of raw flesh; crimson.
incarnadine adj. (Figurative) Bloodstained, bloody.
PENTAMIDINEpentamidine n. (Pharmacology) A synthetic antibiotic drug used chiefly in the form of its salt C23H36N4O10S2 especially…
PENTAMIDINE n. a drug used esp. to treat protozoal infections, such as leishmaniasis.
PHENETIDINEphenetidine n. (Organic chemistry) o-, m- or p-aminophenyl-ethyl ether.
PHENETIDINE n. a liquid amine used in the manufacture of dyestuffs.
PYRROLIDINEpyrrolidine n. (Organic chemistry) Any of a class of heterocyclic amines having a saturated five-membered ring; especially…
PYRROLIDINE n. a colourless strongly alkaline heterocyclic base both occurring naturally and produced from pyrrole.
RADIOIODINEradioiodine n. (Physics, medicine) The radioactive isotope of iodine, 13153I, having a half-life of 8 days; used as…
RADIOIODINE n. a radioisotope of iodine with medical uses.
TRANSANDINETRANSANDINE adj. beyond, or crossing, the Andes, also TRANSANDEAN.
VERATRIDINEveratridine n. (Organic chemistry) Any of a family of neurotoxic steroid-derived alkaloids, occurring in herbs of the…
VERATRIDINE n. a poisonous alkaloid occurring esp. in sabadilla seed.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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