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There are 10 words ending with HORA

HORAhora n. A circle dance popular in the Balkans, Israel and Yiddish culture worldwide.
hora n. A branch of traditional Indian astrology, dealing with the finer points of predictive methods.
Hora prop.n. (Especially in plural) A goddess of the seasons; one of the Horae.
AMPHORAamphora n. (Chiefly historical) A large vessel, especially a thin-necked clay vat used in ancient Greece and Rome…
amphora n. (Historical) A Roman unit of liquid measure reckoned as the volume of 80 Roman pounds of wine and equivalent…
amphora n. (Historical) A Roman unit of ship capacity, similar to tonnage.
SENHORASENHORA n. (Spanish) a married Portuguese or Brazilian woman.
ANAPHORAanaphora n. (Rhetoric) The repetition of a phrase at the beginning of phrases, sentences, or verses, used for emphasis.
anaphora n. (Linguistics) An expression that can refer to virtually any referent, the specific referent being defined by context.
anaphora n. (Linguistics) An expression that refers to a preceding expression.
PLETHORAplethora n. (Usually followed by of) An excessive amount or number; an abundance.
plethora n. (Medicine) Excess of blood in the skin, especially in the face and especially chronically.
PLETHORA n. (Greek) an excess, a superfluity.
ADIAPHORAadiaphora n. Plural of adiaphoron.
adiaphora n. (Nonstandard, uncommon) in singular use.
ADIAPHORON n. a tenet or belief on which a theological system is indifferent.
ANGOPHORAangophora n. Any of various myrtaceous plants of the genus Angophora.
Angophora prop.n. A taxonomic genus within the family Myrtaceae – certain trees ands shrubs of Australia.
ANGOPHORA n. (Greek) an East Australian tree, related to the eucalyptus.
CANEPHORAcanephora n. (Architecture) A caryatid supporting a basket on her head.
CANEPHORA n. (Greek) a sculpted figure carrying a basket on the head, also CANEPHOR, CANEPHORE, CANEPHORUS.
CATAPHORAcataphora n. (Linguistics, rhetoric) The use of a pronoun, or other linguistic unit, before the noun phrase to which…
CATAPHORA n. (Greek) the use of an expression which refers to or stands for a later word or group of words, also CATAPHOR.
EPANAPHORAepanaphora n. (Rhetoric) anaphora.
EPANAPHORA n. the repetition of a word or expression at the beginning of successive phrases, clauses, sentences or verses esp. for rhetorical effect, also ANAPHOR, ANAPHORA.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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