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There are 16 words ending with QUIN

ALFAQUINalfaquin n. Alternative form of alfaqui.
ALFAQUIN n. (Arabic) a teacher of Muslim law, also ALFAKI, ALFAQUI.
BALDAQUINbaldaquin n. Alternative form of baldacchin.
BALDAQUIN n. a rich embroidered material, originally woven with woof of silk and warp of gold thread, also BALDACHIN, BALDACHINO, BAUDEKIN, BAWDKIN.
CHLOROQUINCHLOROQUIN n. a drug used to suppress malaria, also CHLOROQUINE.
DAMASQUINdamasquin v. Alternative form of damascene.
DAMASQUIN v. to decorate or engrave metal with wavy lines and patterns, also DAMASCEENE, DAMASCENE, DAMASKEEN, DAMASKIN.
HARLEQUINharlequin n. A pantomime fool, typically dressed in colorful checkered clothes.
harlequin n. A greenish-chartreuse color.
harlequin n. (Informal) A harlequin duck.
HENEQUINhenequin n. Alternative form of jeniquen.
HENEQUIN n. (Spanish) a fibre used to make ropes, also HENEQUEN, HENIQUEN, HENIQUIN.
HENIQUINheniquin n. Alternative form of henequen.
HENIQUIN n. (Spanish) a fibre used to make ropes, also HENEQUEN, HENEQUIN, HENIQUEN.
LAMBREQUINlambrequin n. A scarf or other piece of material used as a covering for a helmet.
lambrequin n. (Heraldry) A heraldic representation of such an item, typically with one end pendant.
lambrequin n. (US) A short decorative drapery for a shelf edge or for the top of a window casing; a valance.
MANNEQUINmannequin n. A dummy, or life-size model of the human body, used for the fitting or displaying of clothes.
mannequin n. A jointed model of the human body used by artists, especially to demonstrate the arrangement of drapery.
mannequin n. An anatomical model of the human body for use in teaching of e.g. CPR.
MAROQUINmaroquin n. (Somewhat dated) leather made from goatskin.
MAROQUIN n. (Spanish) goat leather, morocco leather, also MAROCAIN.
MESQUINMESQUIN adj. (French) mean, sordid, shabby, also MESQUINE.
PALANQUINpalanquin n. A covered type of litter for a stretched-out passenger, carried on four poles on the shoulders of four…
PALANQUIN n. (Malay) a light litter for one passenger, also PALANKEEN.
QUINquin n. (Informal) A quintuplet.
quin n. A European scallop, Pecten opercularis, used as food.
Quin prop.n. A surname.
RAMEQUINramequin n. Alternative form of ramekin.
RAMEQUIN n. a small casserole dish in which cheese souffle, eggs etc. are served, also RAMAKIN, RAMEKIN.
REQUINrequin n. (Dated) The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias).
REQUIN n. (French) the man-eater, or white shark, so called on account of its causing requiems to be sung.
SEQUINsequin n. (Now historical) Any of various small gold coins minted in Italy and Turkey.
sequin n. (Fashion) A sparkling spangle used for the decoration of ornate clothing.
SEQUIN v. to apply shiny ornamental disks to.

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Definitions are short excerpt from the WikWik.org and 1Word.ws.

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